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Where is Multi Cam Live Streaming Used?

  • Virtual events and conferences. Despite recurring worldwide lockdowns, people are still eager to learn new things, share their experiences, and meet new people. Using multiple cameras for these events helps viewers feel connected and able to participate in what’s happening. 


  • Leraning tutorial live streams. It is impossible to show the viewer all the action in detail when streaming with just one camera. Multi-camera angles allow teachers to show their craft in a detailed techniques to facilitate the explanations with ease.


  • Religious services and gatherings. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, churches around the world have experienced a decline in attendance. Therefore, many began to interact with their congregations through social networks, and especially through live streaming. In most cases, this requires a couple of cameras to get a meaningful picture.


  • Music live streams. Bands and solo performers alike often use multi-camera setups to highlight their unique images, venues, and instruments. Multiple cameras help in attracting more people to a performance by showing many cool details. Multi cam live streaming is also useful for music teachers to demonstrate instrumental techniques.

Whatever the size of the production SATVIEW can meet your requirements – offering great solutions for all kind of events! we can offer you a diverse and flexible range of complete production packages, including all the facilities and crew you might require for outside broadcasts.