Satellite communications
Satellite communications


For over 10 years Satview has been providing production and distribution services for all types of content with an emphasis on uncompromising professionalism.

You just decide which platform the content will be broadcast on and we will take care of the rest.

Satview is able to produce, photograph, broadcast, and receive Video over streaming and satellite technologies.

With the use of professional video and audio equipment, Satview is committed to the best result.
Satview provide production in Florida.

Our Expertise - Create The Perfect Video Experience

Video Streaming

We Create Live web streaming for any kind of content, using the LIVEU Technology . Streaming HD & 4K video to multiple platforms including Facebook Live, YouTube or the customer’s website.

Electronic News Gathering

Electronic News Gathering (ENG) represents a unique process of placing reporters and camera crew on site to capture news and events in real time.

Multi Camera Production

Multi cam production is when you capture what’s happening with several cameras and switch between them. It makes your broadcasts more engaging and interesting. Multi cam production is very useful for any individual or organization, who wants to make its video content more exciting

Uplink/Downlink via Satellite

Satellite video transmission is still considered the most efficient and stable method. Satview provides strategic satellite uplink and downlink services in the United States and Israel. We can receive and transmit a signal from a wide range of satellites according to customer requirements.

I founded Satview to provide a perfect customer experience while performing the tasks with maximum professionalism!