Uplink via Satellite (SNG) – ISR

Live Feeds On The Move…

Satellite communications

Live Feeds On The Move...

Our SNG services provides broadcasters with live and online transmission from the Hottest Conflict Location in The middle East…The State Of Israel!

Satellite communications

We supply a KU band SNG satellite uplink truck for live broadcasts and multi-camera production for news and sports events. we promise you that our dedicated technicians will go the extra mile to support you in every way.

SatView is a leading teleport providing SNG in Israel, and a world-class provider in the field of broadcast services and end-to-end transmission by satellite & fiber. SatView offers uplink and downlink services using the Ku Band, C Band, and Ka Band frequencies to efficiently distribute live content around the globe. Employing the latest technologies and equipment, SatView delivers high quality transmissions 24/7.

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