SatView provides a complete set of satellite transmission services, including uplink, downlink, and turnaround. Services are provided through our teleport, uplink and downlink systems with satellite antennas in C-Band, Ku-Band, and Ka-Band. SatView’s unique geographic location at the midpoint of the world enables SatView to maintain its global distribution platform with significantly lower outlays, creating a competitive advantage over other providers. The resulting savings, as well as those generated by SatView’s ongoing commitment to keeping administrative costs and overheads at a minimum, are passed on to the company’s customers.

We provide SNG and Productions service.

The SatView communications satellite network operates an array of powerful antennas with the capability of receiving broadcasts from Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia


Direct-To-Home (DTH) Services

SatView is a full-service DTH company. DTH satellite broadcasting is the distribution of television and/or radio signals from satellites to home antennas and satellite receivers over wide geographic areas. Wherever local cable or off-air programming is limited or non-existent, DTH broadcasting systems provide viewers with a wide range of additional programming options. Broadcasters have a choice of a Free to Air (FTA) “open broadcast” or of “encrypted” (scrambled) technologies to prevent non-paying customers from viewing their channels. SatView provides and manages digital transmission, encryption, and subscriber services.

Encryption System (Conditional Access)

  • Viaccess-2.5, Irdeto-2, Neotion, Conax Encryption Systems, Nds
  • Smart Card Activation

SatView provides its customers with the most advanced digital MCPC platform satellites that guarantee non-stop, all-year-round global distribution services.