About Us

SatView is a leading teleport providing SNG in Israel,
and a world-class provider in the field of broadcast services and end-to-end transmission by satellite & fiber.

SatView offers uplink and downlink services using the Ku Band, C Band,
and Ka Band frequencies to efficiently distribute live content around the globe.

Employing the latest technologies and equipment, SatView delivers high quality transmissions 24/7.

Our Services Include:


  • Permanent / Continuous Satellite Turnaround Service
  • Occasional Use Satellite Turnaround Service
  • Playout Services
  • Encryption System
  • Sports Feeds
  • Satellite Newsgathering (SNG)
  • Ad Hoc Content Delivery
  • Production
  • Flyaway
  • Fiber Connectivity

Israel’s geographic location offers SatView the unmatched advantage of being at a midpoint of the world communications network,
allowing the company to maintain a unique global distribution platform.

As a result, SatView has the benefit of significantly lower outlays over its competitors.

This, and its ongoing commitment to minimize administrative overhead,
allows SatView to pass these combined savings on to its customers.

Personalized Service:

With over 20 years of industry experience, and 24/7 booking, monitoring, customer service and support,
SatView’s dedicated team of highly experienced professionals offers its clients unmatched quality and service at the best rates in the market.