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Satellite communications

OB Vans

Satview Communications and social streaming has several OB vans and SNG vehicles.

Those vehicles are used daily to cover festivals, sporting events, concerts, entertainment programs and current events.

Our latest HD OB truck can accommodate up to 10 cameras!

It’s layout and design provide a spacious and comfortable work area with the advantages and the maneuverability of a regular truck.


SatView offers SNG services in Israel and Palestine for live broadcast directly from the field to every corner of the world.

Our vehicles are equipped with 1.2m Ku Band antennas,
MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 encoders.

Two cameras are ready and equipped to travel to where you need them.

Satellite communications
Satellite communications


SatView provides the most advanced features to enable our customers to introduce worldwide TV Everywhere.

A TV Everywhere product with unlimited live HD channels, event streaming, catch up TV, cloud based DVR and VOD services.


SatView provides a complete set of satellite transmission services,
including uplink, downlink, and turnaround.

Services are provided through our teleport,
uplink and downlink systems with satellite antennas in C-Band,
Ku-Band, and Ka-Band.

SatView’s unique geographic location at the midpoint of the world enables us to maintain a global distribution platform.

With it’s significantly lower outlays, creating a competitive advantage over other providers.

Satellite communications

About SatView

SatView is a leading teleport providing SNG in Israel.

SatView is also a world-class provider in the field of broadcast services and end-to-end transmission by satellite & fiber.

We offer uplink and downlink services using the Ku Band, C Band,
and Ka Band frequencies.

These frequencies are used to efficiently distribute live content around the globe.

Employing the latest technologies and equipment, SatView delivers high-quality transmissions 24/7.

SatView also provides social streaming and live streaming all the way from Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube!